R e s e r v a t i o n


The reservation starts from 2 months before the check in date.





8/11 (土) 3泊以上

8/12 (日) 2泊以上




 たとえば、8/11 (土) チェックインの場合、7日前の8/4 (土) 24:00まで






 (例)8/11 (土) の7日前 → 8/4 (土) 24:00まで


■連絡無しの不泊(No Show)の場合も同様に全泊分の宿泊料をご請求させていただきます。





Must read before booking


Please note, we accept only reservations that staying 2 or 3 or more nights in a row including 2 days Aug/11-12.

Aug/11…3 nights or more

Aug/12…2 nights or more

■ You will pay total price for all nights at check-in.

■ We are unable to pay back the room fee even if you check-out at any date.

■ If you have to cancel, please let us know 7 days before.

(ex) Aug 11 before 7 days → Until Aug 4 24:00


■Payment is accepted by JAPANESE CASH ONLY upon your arrival.

■You will pay total price for all nights at check-in.

■We do not accept any credit card.

[Cancellation Policy]

■If you have to cancel, please let us know 7 days before.

(ex) Aug 11 before 7 days → Until Aug 4 24:00

■Otherwise, we will ask you for all nights price as a cancellation fee.

■If you do not appear without any notice, for any reason whatsoever, we charge you all nights room fee as the cancellation fee.

[Arrival Time & Luggage Storage]

■Check-in time is during 16:00 - 21:00.

■If you cannot get here the time your check in, please let us know in advance.

■We may cancel your reservation if you are not coming on your check-in time.

■If you would like to store your luggage, please visit us between 9:30 and 14:00.

Before 9:30, the entrance door is closed. From 14:00 to 16:00, the front desk is not available because of break.


1 予約フォームを送信していただきます。

2 ホテルから48時間以内に予約確認のメールをお送りします。

3 予約の内容をご確認いただき、確定でよろしければ再度ご返信ください。

4 その後、ホテルからご予約確定のメールをお送りします。

5 ご予約の確定となります。





How to confirm a reservation.

1 Please send a reservation form to us.

2 We send a temporary confirmation by e-mail within 48 hours.

3 Please check it and send back an e-mail again, if it's OK with you.

4 And then, we send a reservation confirmation by e-mail.

5 Your reservation is confirmed.

※The reservation is not confirmed if you don't return e-mail.

※ If all rooms became full before your confirmation, please kindly understand it.

※The bookable room is maximum "2" for per "1" representative person.

Please send an application using the form below to make a reservation.










■ ご予約のキャンセルについて




  2月8日22:00までにご連絡いただいた場合→ キャンセル料は発生しません。


  2月9日または10日にご連絡いただいた場合 → 1泊分のキャンセル料が発生します。

■ NO-SHOWについて

ご連絡のない不泊 (NO-SHOW) のあったお客さまにつきましては、申し訳ございませんが、次回からのお申し込みをお受けできません。



Payment is by cash on arrival. Please pay at the front desk when you check in.

Payment with credit cards is now under consideration.


If you have to depart early, we pay back all of rest.

Informed before 10:00 one day before, we pay back from next day to check out date.

ex.) Check in on Feb. 10th, Check out on Feb. 15th.  Already paid for 5 nights

       Informed before 10:00 on Feb. 12th →We pay back for 13th and 14th for 2 nights

       Informed after 10:00 on Feb. 12th →We pay back for 14th for 1 night


If you have to cancel your reservation,

please let us know 22:00 2 DAYS BEFORE your check in date.

It will charge cancellation fee 22:00 2 days after, 1 day before and on that day.

ex. Check in on Feb. 10th

   Contacted before 22:00 Feb. 8th → No cancellation fee.

        Contacted after 22:00 Feb. 8th → We charge you 1 night price for cancellation fee.

   Contacted on Feb. 9th and 10th → We charge you 1 night price for cancellation fee.

■About No-Show

If you don't show up without contact, we refuse your next reservation request. Thank you for your understanding.